What is coccidiosis?


Commonly a disease of young cattle (approx 1 month to 1 year old) although it can affect cattle of any age if imunocompromised. Coccidia cause severe damage to intestinal mucosa resulting in a blood scour. What are the causes of coccidiosis? Eimeria zeurnii, E.bovis and E.auburneusis. How would you diagnose coccidiosis? Send a faecal sample [...]

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What are anal glands? Do all dogs need their anal glands expressed?


Anal glands are two fluid filled sacs located in the anus of a dog or cat. They are a normal part of an animal's anatomy and are usually emptied through defecation. Some animals have difficulty with impactions or swelling in or around the glands and need manual expression. Signs of an anal sac problem are [...]

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Should I get insurance for my pet?


As a pet owner, you’ll have considered routine costs for preventative treatments such as vaccinations, worming and neutering. But what happens if your pet suddenly falls ill, or is injured in some way? At such an understandably upsetting time, pet insurance can give you peace of mind that those unexpected vet fees can be taken [...]

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Does my pet need a multi-vitamin?


If your pet is being fed a good quality pet food, vitamins are not necessary. However, vitamins can be given once daily as treats. Animals with certain medical conditions may benefit from various vitamins/supplements.

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