Why Sign Up To Our Pet Healthcare Plan?


Do you find it difficult to keep up to date with your pet’s healthcare needs? With yearly vaccinations required and an overwhelming selection of parasitic products to choose from, it is easy for owners to fall behind on their pet’s preventative treatments. Our Pet Healthcare Plan can make preventative healthcare easy for all dog and [...]

Why Sign Up To Our Pet Healthcare Plan?2021-06-10T13:35:08+01:00

Winter Hazards


As the weather gets colder, we need to think about how we can help our pets stay healthy throughout winter. We also need to provide our elderly or unwell pets with extra care, as they are more vulnerable to the effects of cold and icy conditions. To keep our pets safe there are several small [...]

Winter Hazards2020-12-23T14:27:06+00:00

Is Weight Loss your Pet’s New Year’s Resolution?


As the New Year dawns, the fun is sadly coming to an end. No doubt many of you are back to work, perhaps with a slight headache from the last party! Maybe this year, you’ve decided to make New Year’s resolutions, like drink less, eat healthier, or go to the gym more. Whether you stick [...]

Is Weight Loss your Pet’s New Year’s Resolution?2020-01-15T11:27:33+00:00

Keeping your pet safe through the holiday season


Christmas is a time for celebration, but it can also bring with it some seasonal dangers for our pets. Keep reading for a list of some of the most common pet-related hazards that the festive season can bring.   Christmas trees, presents and decorations Christmas decorations can be very intriguing to curious pets and can [...]

Keeping your pet safe through the holiday season2019-12-23T12:02:56+00:00

The importance of socialisation for puppies and kittens


Socialisation is the process of getting new pets accustomed to their new environment, along with learning appropriate behaviours. The aim is to introduce a wide variety of people, situations and animals, and to give them a chance to explore. Although easy to do, it does take time, patience, regular effort and planning. It will give [...]

The importance of socialisation for puppies and kittens2020-06-02T10:00:48+01:00

Is my pet just slowing down, or is something wrong?


Old age is a natural and inescapable part of life - time will take its toll on all of us, and on our pets too. Some of the changes we experience as we get older are true for our pets too. Things like changes to eyesight and hearing are very common.   Eyesight Many animals [...]

Is my pet just slowing down, or is something wrong?2019-09-03T16:56:22+01:00

Heatstroke in Pets


HEATSTROKE IS A VERY SERIOUS CONDITION. IT CAN RAPIDLY DAMAGE TISSUES LEADING TO ORGAN FAILURE LEADING TO DEATH. IT MUST BE TREATED AS AN EMERGENCY.   As temperatures soar in Ireland, an increased number of heatstroke cases have been brought to our attention. It is important that we are all aware of these conditions to [...]

Heatstroke in Pets2019-07-31T14:35:00+01:00

Tick Awareness


What are ticks? Ticks are small arachnids, like spiders. They have no wings and eight legs, but otherwise have a variable appearance as there are many different species. They get larger as they mature, but most ticks are about 3-5mm long when not engorged with blood. Why are ticks dangerous? Ticks are dangerous because they [...]

Tick Awareness2020-06-02T10:01:52+01:00
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