Regardless of the breed of your dog or the type of style you want, we will endeavour to meet your every requirement.

The importance of pet grooming is especially significant as your pet gets older and may stop grooming themselves as frequently. All breeds and species of animals should groom themselves. It is a natural behaviour that all animals should do in an optimum, relaxed environment – or receive help with if needed.

Why is it important for pets to be groomed?

Shedding their coat – many breeds will naturally shed their coat as we move from winter into summer. This means lots of fur can be found inside your home which can be quite frustrating and act as an allergen. Booking in for a groom can help to remove and lose fur aiding in the shedding process and reducing the amount of fur that will be found in your home. Double win here as you get a nice smelling pet and also do not need to hoover the house as often!

Thermoregulation – pets need to keep on top of their coat thickness and length. They must groom themselves well in order to maintain a length of coat that allows optimum temperature control depending on the weather which will vary throughout the year. Of course, some breeds do not shed and we can help keep their ever-growing coat neat and at a relevant length for the season.

The inability to shed hair may be a symptom of a clinical condition and, as an owner, you should pay attention to your pet’s coat, noting any changes in colour, length or curliness. These could be clinical signs of mineral imbalances, hyperadrenocorticism, thyroid disease and maybe arthritis, as sometimes painful joints prevent our pets from moving to groom as freely.

Why might my pet have stopped grooming?

Your pet may stop grooming as often if they are in pain. If your pet is suffering from dental disease, this may prevent them from grooming due to their teeth being loose or gums being inflamed. Many older animals will suffer from dental disease, especially if we do not brush our pets’ teeth.

As pets get older, many will begin to display clinical signs of osteoarthritis. These signs will include, slowing down on walks, struggling to get up off the floor, moving less and moving slower. Any animal suffering with joint pain is less likely to want to flex their joints and therefore bending around to try to groom themselves will not happen. Self grooming requires flexibility and strength – for many pets, this can be painful. Our grooming sessions can be beneficial for these pets too, because we warm up their muscles which can often help to relax them.

If there is an underlying cause that we can identify as the reason your pet is requiring grooming, we strongly recommend that you address the underlying problem and treat this as many clinical conditions will deteriorate unless dealt with appropriately.

Why is grooming important?

Grooming can help you to see if your pet has any foreign bodies in or on their skin. This is important in the summer when ticks are around. The sooner you can remove a tick from your pet’s skin, the less likely the tick is to have transferred any tick borne diseases.

Having a well kept coat makes it much easier to spot masses which frequently grow in size. Often with masses, the sooner you find the mass, the quicker it is investigated and therefore the better the prognosis.

Equally, if your pet has shorter fur and they sustain a wound, the wound is less likely to become infected because there is less dirty fur hanging over, so less chance of bacteria getting into the wound. Infected wounds take much longer to heal and may require extra medication which can become costly.

Keeping your dog’s fur within a limited length will help to prevent matts forming. These can be very painful and itchy. Matts will accumulate unless they are cut off and in some cases require sedation to be removed. Prevention of matts is much better than cure.

How do we groom your pet?

Our specialist team will comfortably support your pet, so your pet will be still and can relax during their grooming trip. We will discuss with you your reason for booking a grooming session and plan the style and length of fur you are hoping for. We will give your pet a bath along with a groom and blow dry, leaving your pet clean and smelling very fresh ready for you to pick them up.

Any allergies will be discussed with you to ensure we select shampoos suitable for your pet. We ensure we handle your pets in a gentle manner and no pet is expected to jump onto a table. All pets are treated with our every respect and we hope to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.

How often does my pet need to be groomed?

The reason for having a groom and the speed at which your pet’s fur grows will affect how regularly your pet needs to be groomed. Our in-house team are more than happy to talk to you specifically about your pet to answer personalised questions.

Starting to groom your pet from a young age is a good idea because they will become more familiar and habituated with the routine. It will get your pet used to being touched and having their paws handled which is easiest when they are young, leading to less fuss when they are older.

Many animals could benefit from being groomed and often pets need to be groomed before you realise it is time. If you need any further advice, please contact us.