Is my pet just slowing down, or is something wrong?

Old age is a natural and inescapable part of life - time will take its toll on all of us, and on our pets too. Some of the changes we experience as we get older are true for our pets too. Things like changes to eyesight and hearing are very common.   Eyesight Many animals can see movement much better than we can, but as they age they go through some normal changes that can reduce their vision. Many of us are familiar with the slightly white or milky appearance of an old dog’s eyes. This is usually caused by [...]

Heatstroke in Pets

HEATSTROKE IS A VERY SERIOUS CONDITION. IT CAN RAPIDLY DAMAGE TISSUES LEADING TO ORGAN FAILURE LEADING TO DEATH. IT MUST BE TREATED AS AN EMERGENCY.   As temperatures soar in Ireland, an increased number of heatstroke cases have been brought to our attention. It is important that we are all aware of these conditions to allow us to have fun with our furry friends in the warmer months.   What is it? Heatstroke is an illness caused by the pet’s core body temperature rising too high. Mammals regulate their temperature constantly, meaning our core body temperature barely changes at all. [...]

Tick Awareness

What are ticks? Ticks are small arachnids, like spiders. They have no wings and eight legs, but otherwise have a variable appearance as there are many different species. They get larger as they mature, but most ticks are about 3-5mm long when not engorged with blood. Why are ticks dangerous? Ticks are dangerous because they are obligate blood feeders. They need to live on another warm-blooded body in order to survive - because they feed exclusively on blood. Each stage of their life cycle requires a feed, they then drop off the host, back into the environment to mature and [...]

Fighting Fleas! Keep your Pet off the Flea Menu

Nasty little critters, there are few things less appealing than finding a flea jumping about on your pet pooch or moggy. Not only do they cause itchiness and skin disease in our pets, they can also cause anaemia, transmit dangerous infections and are an absolute nightmare to eradicate from the home.   Does my pet have fleas? We may first suspect that our pet is providing lodging to these tiny parasites when we notice them scratching more than usual or perhaps chewing the fur above their tail, leaving their skin red and sore. Those with flea allergies will be particularly [...]

Hazards Over Easter

Easter is one of our favourite times of the year. Lots of celebrations, family parties and of course, lots of chocolate! Unfortunately, it is also a period of the year which proves quite dangerous to our furry friends, below are a few hazards to be aware of and to try to prevent! Chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs. It contains theobromine which is the active toxic ingredient. The darker the chocolate bar, the more dangerous it is to our pets, however, even small consumed amounts of theobromine can cause digestive or even heart problems. This means you should avoid [...]

4 Benefits of Neutering Your Pet

We love our pets and want the best for them. Many people, however, find it difficult to imagine how neutering is beneficial for the pet - so in this blog, we’re going to look at the benefits. What is neutering? Neutering, also known as “de-sexing”, is the process of surgically removing some or all of an animal’s reproductive organs. In females, it is usually termed spaying and involves removing the ovaries and, usually, uterus (womb). This requires entering the abdomen and is fairly major surgery (although dogs, cats and rabbits all recover from this type of surgery much faster than humans [...]

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