What are anal glands and the problems associated with them?


Dogs have 2 anal glands which are located just inside their rectum. They are very small and you cannot see them from the outside. These glands contain a very smelly fluid which is supposed to be released whenever they produce faeces. The smell helps our animals to mark their territory, but the fluid can also [...]

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Killer Leptospirosis – Fact or Fiction?


We are sadly seeing a lot of Leptospirosis in the Mallow area - is your dog protected from this deadly disease? ‘Acorn Vets have seen 5 or 6 dogs with Lepto in the Mallow area this year. Even when caught early they don't survive, that’s what I notice about it,’ our vet Noel Ahern says. [...]

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How Long Since Your Pet Had a Tooth Check?


The majority of our pets will suffer from dental problems at some point in their lifetime. It’s really important to have their teeth checked regularly as, if caught early, we can help you to reverse the changes and improve their dental health. If things have progressed, we can spot the signs that they may be [...]

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Passport Particulars


The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) introduced in 2010 by many EU countries permits the movement of pet dogs, cats, and ferrets to and from the UK without the need for quarantine. Many diseases that occur abroad are not seen in the UK, and are often are transmitted by biting insects and ticks. UK pets will [...]

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Arthritis: What is it, and why does it matter?


“Arthritis” means “inflammation of the joints”; this can be “rheumatoid” (an auto-immune disease, where the body attacks its own joints), or “osteoarthritis”; in this blog, we will be concentrating on the more common form, osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a concern for older pets; everyday wear and tear on joints can result in the protective cartilage around [...]

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Cleo’s story – foreign body trauma


What happened? Cleo was happily gnawing on a bone at home, when the bone became lodged on her bottom jaw. To complicate matters, it was also wedged behind her lower canine teeth. Action taken: Cleo's owners tried to remove it, but realised it was truly stuck and rushed her in to see us. Cleo was examined, weighed and then sedated. Once the sedation had taken effect, a hand saw was used to cut through the bone. Outcome and additional notes: Fortunately, [...]

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