Dental abscesses in rabbits; what are they, and what can we do about them?


We need to look at the rabbit’s physiology to understand why they get so many dental issues. Rabbits have “open-rooted teeth”; this means that they have a huge “reserve crown” of tooth below their gum-line – we cannot see it, but it is there! Essentially, they have a lot of tooth waiting to rise up [...]

Dental abscesses in rabbits; what are they, and what can we do about them?2023-04-12T10:01:26+01:00

Do dogs get kidney problems?


Yes, they certainly can - although it isn’t as common as in cats, renal disease is seen in dogs. What do the kidneys do? A dog’s kidneys filter the blood and produce urine; overall, they have four basic functions: Controlling water and salt balance - by controlling how concentrated the urine is (more concentrated = [...]

Do dogs get kidney problems?2024-02-12T09:53:10+00:00

Pancreatitis – what no pet wants for Christmas – or at all


Pancreatitis is a condition that isn’t well known among animal owners - however, it is one of the more common medical reasons for us to hospitalise a dog or a cat, and we always see a surge in cases around about Christmas time! In this blog, we’re going to look more closely at this horrible [...]

Pancreatitis – what no pet wants for Christmas – or at all2023-03-21T11:11:15+00:00

Blindness in cats; is it a problem?


Cats’ eyes. They allow our beloved four-legged-friends to see well enough to enjoy night-life and hunt. They are also iconic in our society; from the “cat’s eye winged eyeliner” to the useful lights on roads, cats’ eyes are famous! What happens, then, if Felix’s eyes don’t work how they used to? It may seem a [...]

Blindness in cats; is it a problem?2022-08-24T08:47:34+01:00

My dog hates having his claws clipped – what can I do?


A lot of dogs don’t like having their feet looked at - which unfortunately means they tend to wriggle and squirm just when we’re trying to clip their toenails! However, there are some techniques you can use to make it a bit easier… First, why don’t they like it? There are two possible reasons - [...]

My dog hates having his claws clipped – what can I do?2022-04-06T09:24:54+01:00

Senior Pets


Just like humans, our pets will age… some more quickly than others. Larger breeds of dog tend to have shorter lives on average compared to smaller breeds. Different pets will show symptoms of aging more obviously compared to others, due to their personalities and - sadly - the level of pain they are experiencing. Because [...]

Senior Pets2021-11-10T09:59:35+00:00

Keeping your Pet Safe at Halloween


Halloween can be a really fun time for all the family, with lots of opportunities for dressing up and eating lots of lovely treats! It’s always fun to get involved in the spirit of the season, whilst making sure that our pets stay safe and happy during our celebrations. After all, they are part of [...]

Keeping your Pet Safe at Halloween2021-11-10T09:58:52+00:00

Why do we vaccinate our pets?


We vaccinate our pets to protect them against some of the most common, sinister diseases that can affect their species. This protection is in the form of immunity against a range of nasty viruses and bacteria, that will reduce the severity of disease - and in most cases, prevent them from catching it in the [...]

Why do we vaccinate our pets?2021-12-08T08:50:35+00:00
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