Halloween Hazards and how to avoid them


Halloween is an exciting time of year, with pumpkins, sweets and fancy dress costumes found in most households. There are many fun Halloween activities to participate in, but some of them can cause a risk to your pets if precautions are not taken. So, with some careful planning, we will help you keep Halloween as [...]

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Fighting Fleas! Keep your Pet off the Flea Menu


Nasty little critters, there are few things less appealing than finding a flea jumping about on your pet pooch or moggy. Not only do they cause itchiness and skin disease in our pets, they can also cause anaemia, transmit dangerous infections and are an absolute nightmare to eradicate from the home.   Does my pet [...]

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Hazards Over Easter


Easter is one of our favourite times of the year. Lots of celebrations, family parties and of course, lots of chocolate! Unfortunately, it is also a period of the year which proves quite dangerous to our furry friends, below are a few hazards to be aware of and to try to prevent! Chocolate is toxic [...]

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