Keeping your pet safe through the holiday season

Christmas is a time for celebration, but it can also bring with it some seasonal dangers for our pets. Keep reading for a list of some of the most common pet-related hazards that the festive season can bring.   Christmas trees, presents and decorations Christmas decorations can be very intriguing to curious pets and can be tempting to chew on or swallow. Pine needles from the Christmas tree can cause tummy upsets and the sharp points can cause damage to the stomach and intestines. They can even hurt incautious paws if trodden on! Tinsel and ribbons may be played with [...]

The importance of socialisation for puppies and kittens

Socialisation is the process of getting new pets accustomed to their new environment, along with learning appropriate behaviours. The aim is to introduce a wide variety of people, situations and animals, and to give them a chance to explore. Although easy to do, it does take time, patience, regular effort and planning. It will give your pet the best chance of leading a happy life and being a great pet. A puppy or kitten who lacks experience in the world may find things we are used to scary, growing into an anxious pet, more likely to develop behaviour problems.   [...]

Halloween Hazards and how to avoid them

Halloween is an exciting time of year, with pumpkins, sweets and fancy dress costumes found in most households. There are many fun Halloween activities to participate in, but some of them can cause a risk to your pets if precautions are not taken. So, with some careful planning, we will help you keep Halloween as safe as possible for your pets.  Keeping your pet safe from sweets   If your child goes out trick-or-treating then it is likely that they will bring home a selection of sweets and chocolates… Meanwhile if you are expecting any Halloween visitors then you may have [...]

Dental disease in dogs and cats

Dental disease is the most common problem facing our furry friends, with the majority of both dogs and cats showing some signs of disease by the age of 3. This is a painful condition and is a welfare concern so needs to be managed as soon as it is identified. Fortunately, this is preventable and by working together we can reduce this problem. Dental disease is caused by growth of bacteria in the plaque which sticks to the teeth. This causes the gums to become red, swollen and painful and can lead to unstable teeth. These unstable teeth are painful [...]

Is my pet just slowing down, or is something wrong?

Old age is a natural and inescapable part of life - time will take its toll on all of us, and on our pets too. Some of the changes we experience as we get older are true for our pets too. Things like changes to eyesight and hearing are very common.   Eyesight Many animals can see movement much better than we can, but as they age they go through some normal changes that can reduce their vision. Many of us are familiar with the slightly white or milky appearance of an old dog’s eyes. This is usually caused by [...]

Heatstroke in Pets

HEATSTROKE IS A VERY SERIOUS CONDITION. IT CAN RAPIDLY DAMAGE TISSUES LEADING TO ORGAN FAILURE LEADING TO DEATH. IT MUST BE TREATED AS AN EMERGENCY.   As temperatures soar in Ireland, an increased number of heatstroke cases have been brought to our attention. It is important that we are all aware of these conditions to allow us to have fun with our furry friends in the warmer months.   What is it? Heatstroke is an illness caused by the pet’s core body temperature rising too high. Mammals regulate their temperature constantly, meaning our core body temperature barely changes at all. [...]

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